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When sending your incoming student off to university, you probably have a few questions to ask about computers, IT assistance services and more.

What kind of computer should my student bring?

Just about any computer with a modern (2 to 3 years old) operating system will work, including Mac, Windows and Linux. Most students choose laptops for the mobility, but desktops are OK too. If you do go with a laptop, get the extended warranty and damage insurance as they tend to get fairly beat up. Our environment also works with most tablets and phones. You can take a look at the Incoming Students and All Students section of our site for more detailed information.

If my student has problems, how do they get help?

We have a great Student IT Helpdesk to help out with just about any computing problem your student might have.

Can I connect when I’m on campus?

Yes, see our visitor section to get details on how to connect when you are on campus.