Student Printing Policy

IT Services manages printing in open student computer labs and limits printing to a semester quota.


  • Each student starts the semester with a 600 page limit. At the end of the semester, any unused pages do not roll over into the next semester’s quota.
    Note: If you would like to request additional pages beyond your 600 page limit, please contact the SGA (
  • One page is defined as a printed side of one sheet of paper. If you print one page on one piece of paper, it is one page. If you print two sides on one piece of paper, it is two pages.
  • The print quota only applies to print jobs printed in student open computer labs. Printing done in classrooms or in administrative offices are not included in the quota.
  • If a student exceeds their 600 page limit, printing will not be stopped, but they will be charged 5 cents per page over the limit which will be attached to their bill at the end of the semester. Pages over the limit will be shown as a negative number in the printer dialog box.
    Note: All student print jobs are recorded, but only those printed in student labs are charged against the quota (Credit Balance). In the example below, you will see that stu000001 has printed a total of 10 pages, but only two have been charged against the quota.
  • Each time you print you will need to confirm the job by selecting OK in the Print Job Confirmation dialog box. The Confirmation takes a few seconds to pop up after you hit print.