Facility Services

Building Maintenance

Trades Manager

Bryce Hanna
Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Facilities Services 100 Maintenance Dr.

The work performed by Building Maintenance may be categorized as:

  • Routine Maintenance– repair of leaking faucets, drinking fountains, water lines, restroom fixtures, electrical equipment, building fixtures such as carpet, windows, blinds and trim, and monitoring of heating systems.
  • Preventative Maintenance– routinely scheduled maintenance of campus equipment to prevent breakdowns and prolong useful life.
  • Emergencies–immediate response to power outages, flooding, etc.

Building management services are available, by request, to all departments and residents. Generally, all requests for maintenance in dorm buildings should go through the designated Resident Advisor or Resident Director.

Service Requests

Requests for service may be submitted:

  • by phoning the main Facilities Services desk at 970.943.3087; Emergencies Only
  • by submitting a Work Request Form;
  • by sending an email request;
  • by contacting a dorm resident advisor;
  • or by stopping by the Facilities Services office at the northwest corner of the campus.

Utility outages

Utility outages should be reported as soon as possible by phoning the Facilities Services office at 970.943.3087 or contacting Security Services after hours at 970.209.1020. See Utility Outages for a list of anticipated outages.