Welcome to Leslie J. Savage Library

This particular building’s unparalleled artistry and character arises from the fact that its West Wing was designed by Temple Buell of the Buell Theatre in Denver. The vaulted ceilings and general uniformity in the West Wing Quiet Room creates a formal yet relaxed atmosphere branding it with a rather East Coast impression. Leslie J. Savage Library is more than just a fixture of Western—it is a symbol of academic integrity making it a perfect venue befitting any event.


Hours vary, in summer, our hours are shorter.
See the following page for current hours: https://library.western.edu/lib/hours
Contact the library for information about future hours.


We provide four public access computers (no login required) with B&W printing for $0.15 per printed side.

Our public access computers are Internet-only and do not allow the user to save work.

Please note that our student computer labs, the computer classroom, scanning and color printing all require Western network logins.


West Wing Reading Room: https://library.western.edu/lib/westwing
Mural Room: https://library.western.edu/lib/muralroom